University diploma in Business Administration

Presentation and aims

The IUT2 Grenoble offers a management program that prepares students for the University Diploma in Business Administration. Its aim is to receive:

  • foreign students from partner universities with general management and business knowledge, as a priority;
  • 2nd-year students in IUT2 departments who wish to add certain modules of this University Diploma to their training;
  • students from non-partner universities with general management and business knowledge.
The preparation program for the University Diploma in Business Administration covers two semesters, and students can choose whether to enroll in one semester of studies (Fall or Spring) or the full year.
The instruction given is composed of formal instruction and directed instruction:
  • the formal instruction is composed of classes;
  • the directed instruction involves individual work, presentations and capstone projects.
The total class time for the Fall semester is 120 hours. The total class time for the Spring semester is 172 hours.


Class schedule for the Fall semester:
- The French as a foreign language class is mandatory.
- Students can take all of the courses offered or choose subjects based on their home university's learning agreement.
- Classes are given in English.
Class schedule for the Spring semester:
Students will choose one of the following paths: international management, business management, communication. Each path includes a common core, 5 courses worth 15 ECTS credits (teaching unit C); the "French language" and "French culture" courses are mandatory. And a specialization program: 5 courses worth 15 ECTS credits (teaching units IM, BM, and COM). Classes are given in English.

Learning assessment

Lecture and tutorial attendance is mandatory and will be verified.
Students with more than 2 absences in the same course, without valid justification, will not be permitted to take the exam for this course.


Admission requirements

Based on qualifications
This program is exclusively available to the students of the IUT2's partner universities.
To travel to Grenoble, two international airports are nearby: Lyon Saint Exupéry and Geneva, Switzerland. Regular shuttle buses run between Grenoble and these airports.
Grenoble also has excellent train connections.
The train station is right downtown, and just steps away from the IUT2!
To get around the city, you can use the bus or tram networks or rent a bicycle. The city has many bike lanes, and the terrain is completely flat.  Many students choose to get around by bike, as it is practical and cheap. Our yellow bikes are a common sight.

Published on  July 21, 2020
Updated on September 8, 2021