The IUT2's missions

The IUT2 is a major player in professional training for all of the public and private companies in the Grenoble area. It sets out to welcome, assist and empower its students, whether they be high school students, undergraduate students, or individuals or employees completing continuing education.

Thanks to its flexible, career-centered approach to academics, the IUT2 enables all of its students to pursue academic programs adapted to their situations, whether they are first-time students or registering for continuing education, with instruction provided mainly in-person or in distance learning, with accommodations for high-performance athletes and people with obstacles to participation.
Through its commitment to ongoing pedagogical innovation and modernization of its students' living and working environments, including the development of a Learning Center and Learning LAB to encourage reflection on the transformation of the classroom, the IUT favors learning efficiency and a more pleasant, collaborative and digitalized working environment.
The IUT2 thereby facilitates its students' success, but these advantages are not sufficient, by themselves, to supply learners with the keys to succeed in their long-term goals.
Our institution's greatest investment in improving its students' futures is its commitment to furthering a professionalization approach focused on skills and occupations, to assisting our students in creating and implementing their life goals throughout their studies at the IUT, and to equipping them with tools for life-long learning.
Each student is tasked with building his or her long-term personal career plan as soon as they arrive at the IUT. Students are assisted by a network of supervising instructors (PPP) and a Skills and Occupations Center like no other in France.
This planning-oriented approach is supported by an innovative tool: the KARUTA-IUT ePortfolio, which encourages students to regularly consider the professional and cross-disciplinary skills they acquired before the IUT, during their studies and through their personal activities. This makes it possible to carry out a real-time skills assessment. This ePortfolio also encourages students to reflect on their preferred skills and helps create a strong CV or resume and an interactive personal development map that can be shared on professional social networks to enhance internship and employment applications.
Learners can also acquire a grasp of workplace culture and refine and validate their occupational training paths through opportunities to interact, either individually or in groups, with the professionals who teach at the IUT, speak at our conferences, take part in student activities and career events, receive our students for internships or projects, take part in our alumni networks or are our partners.
Published on  July 20, 2020
Updated on July 20, 2020