International Relations

Bringing an international perspective to the IUT2 Grenoble is a key ambition of its Executive Board. The International Relations Office promotes actions and coordinates initiatives developed by the International Relations correspondents in each department.
The Office's main mission is to develop and maintain ties with international partner universities. Each year, nearly 180 IUT students continue their studies after completing their DUTs (2-year undergraduate degrees) as part of IUT2-specific partnerships or exchange programs coordinated by Université Grenoble Alpes.
All students studying abroad after completion of their DUTs are enrolled in the DUETI, a university program that recognizes studies completed abroad
It is also in the context of these partnerships that we receive foreign students each year as part of exchange programs (mainly Europeans, through the Erasmus program).
A new international development focus for the IUT2 is to increase the number of internships our students complete abroad.
In addition to student mobility, the IUT2 takes part in learning design initiatives with partner universities.
For more information, contact the International Relations Office.

Published on  July 20, 2020
Updated on September 7, 2021