Learning Centre

The IUT2 Learning Centre is specialized in the institution’s fields of study.

It is a space for studying and working that facilitates access to information, both in digital and physical form. Over 20,000 printed documents and many digital document databases are available. Its team is there to provide support to users and to offer services that might help them succeed in their studies.

Open until 7 p.m., the Learning Centre offers an optimal working environment. There are 60 workspaces available to users. They are all equipped with electrical outlets and Internet access. In addition to documents, laptop computers can be borrowed, and 7 computer workstations are also available.

The document portal http://www.babeldoc.fr orients readers and provides access to most collections.

3 campuses: Place Doyen Gosse and Place de Verdun in Grenoble, Vienne.

Published on  July 20, 2020
Updated on September 6, 2021