Business and Administration Management (Vienne)

The Vienne site of the IUT2 was opened in 1993. It is one of the 75 departments of Business and Administration Management in France which forms intermediary executives in areas of Finance, Accounting, and Small and Intermediate Companies. The DUT offers 2 specializations, Finance and Accounting Management (GCF in French) and Organization Administration and Management (GMO in French).

Located in the heart of the "Espace Saint-Germain" (a tertiary sector hub of more than 2,000 square meter), the IUT plays a major role in the administrative and industrial activities in Vienne. As such, it benefits from extremely close ties with local companies and conforms with the cultural and economic development of the town.

Business and Administration Management programs



Les Licences Professionnelles en alternance

Published on  July 7, 2017
Updated on September 7, 2021