The Business and Marketing DUT trains students to become professionals in sales, sales administration, sales promotion and customer relationship management. There are a wide range of career prospects in sales (sales executive, customer advisor and department manager in stores), sales administration (export assistant, customer accounts manager, logistics manager), and marketing (product manager, merchandizer, marketing assistant). Graduates can work in various sectors such as the retail indstry, insurance and banking services, tourism, and the consumer goods industry.

This program is addressed to a diversified public:

  • Students from the French baccalaureate
  • High-level athletes and artists
  • Returning professionals
  • Candidates wishing to alternate between a job and thier studies

Business and Marketing

> DUT Techniques de commercialisation (TC) (Grenoble)

> Licence professionnelle Technico-commercial, parcours Métiers de la nutricosmétique et de la cosmétologie