Activités sportives

Physical activities for everyone

IUT2 students can practice different types of sports:

Collective Sports: Rugby, Volleyball...
Individual Sports: Badminton, Rowing...
Mountain Sports: Rock Climbing, Skiing
Physical and Artistic Activities: Dance, Parasports
Physical Education classes integrated to the course

Physical activities tailored to your taste

Sport can be practiced for leisure or as part of your curriculum. If you take a physical activity as part of your curriculum, you can benefit from a bonus if you practice regularly and are in accordance with the study regulations.

Competitive practice, with a students spirit, is also open to all students under the French Federation of University Sport (FFSU in French).

For high-level athletes, specific arrangements to combine sport and studies can be made. For disabled students, specialized sessions are also organized (ex: wheelchair basketball) as well as mixed sessions for diasbled and valid students.
Published on  August 24, 2017
Updated on September 8, 2021