Grenoble 2nd Student Town in France

The French review "L'Etudiant" once again positioned Grenoble at the top of its university towns rankings

This ranking is composed of 42 cities that welcome more than 8 000 students each. The criteria for this ranking were included in 9 categories: culture, job market, studies, accomodation, international influence, outings, sport and transport. Even though Grenoble is not the best in any category, it offers the most complete and well-rounded combination for all higher education students.

What does an ideal university town look like ?

"L'Etudiant" describes the ideal university town: a sunny city, widely-known on an international level for the quality of its studies, with strong ties between the university world and a network of regular recruiting companies. This historical metropolis, crisscrossed by buses, tramways and bikes, would allow students to choose from a wide variety of accomodation, as well as simplified access to sport and leisure. As such, students could take advantage of the numerous museums, sport stadiums, swimming pools some of which are located in the heart of large parks. And at night, the streets downtown would come to life with the sounds of concerts and enthusiasm present in the numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs.
All those who have stayed in Grenoble will recognize the characteristics of the capital of the Alps (with skiing as an added bonus). No wonder then, that Grenoble sits at the top of the standings. Since the ranking's beginning in 2007, Grenoble has oscillated between the 1st and 2nd position.

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